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Mickey Kaus

32 things from the Game of Thrones final season left us somewhat irritated. (Spoilers Ahead)

Okay, so we've had a good 24 hours to digest that final ever episode of Game of thrones and its given us time to reflect upon a pretty shocking (not in a good way) last season . Here are 32 things that ground our gears....

1. How did Jon get his hands on hair Gel in Prison? Ok that was a cheap one.

2. How did Dany not get slightly suspicious that Jon may try to kill her in her 'Mad Queen' state? I mean he is the main threat to her throne after all.

3. The Night king was built up as an almost God like threat for 7 seasons ..... ANNNNNND hes gone..... took 1 hour to kill him. I mean it was harder to kill Ramsey ! Cmon !

4. Hold on.... Why is Jon going to do in the Knights watch now? Wasn't the whole point of the Knights watch to defend from the the threat of White Walkers.. who are now all dead.

5. And why did Jon need to listen to Grey Worm who's heading away anyway?... Arent Bran and Sansa now in charge...? He also happens to be the actual heir to the throne.

6. Also on the topic of Bran, why was everyone so happy to vote him in as King, to most people he's just a crazy kid who has weird visions..... In fact some of them had never even met him before.

7. Why should they even believe in Bran, when Sansa (his own sister) clearly didn't and forced independence.

8. I mean, Yara would definitely be the sort of person who would have wanted independence.

9. Back to Jon, why did no-one mention he was Aegon Targaran once during his 'trial'? I mean what was the actual point of anyone finding out about that?

10.Also why didnt Drogon kill Jon for killing Dany?

11. On the topic of dragons. How did Rheagel not see Eurons ships at all before he was shot dead . I mean there was a lot of ships FGS!!

12. Why did nobody mention the fallen Starks once all season? Ned did not die for this!

13. Bronn as Master of coin? Excuse me? Expect a hit on the Westeros economy..

14. Back to Bran, he was unable to be Lord of Winterfell a few seasons back because he was 'no longer bran' . soooo who's that on the throne? Three Eyed Raven? Who knows...

15. Im sure all the Dothraki died at the start of 'The battle of Winterfell', So why are they showing up all over the final seasons. Did they forget they died? Did you die though?!!!!!

16. They didn't actually tell us what happened with Drogon. WHERE DID HE GO ?

17. Going back to the Night King, WTF did he even want ? Particularly with Bran ? Guess we will never ever know.

18. How were the Unsullied supposed to start their own house. None of them can have kids right?

19. How was it even possible for Dany to get so bloodthirsty in less than an episode.

20. We will never find out what Arya finds West of Westeros.

21. Hodor died for what exactly? (RIP HODOR)

22. Because there seemed to be no point of need for the Three Eyed Raven.

23. What was the meaning of the Night Kings Symbols?

23. Why didnt Arya use any of her faces in the last two seasons?

24. Jamie's redemption story ruined as he ends up going back? Makes no sense really does it?

25. What was Bran doing during the Battle of Winterfell? Did he even warg into anyone or any animal?

26. In Fact, What was point of him learning to warg in the first place.

27. How was Jamie able to kill the Mad King without punishment? Yet Jon has to go to the Nights watch. Not Fair!

28. Varys died spreading the news about Jon's true parentage. Then it is never mentioned again??

29. What was the point of the white horse and Arya?

30. Where are Jon and Tormund going at the end?

31. Why did the Night King king want to kill Bran?

32. and why did he need to kill him Personally????

We need answers HBO.......