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Celebrate BATMAN DAY 🦇 with 5 amazing pieces of fan art.

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

So today is Batman day! The big news is that DC Comics have celebrated by launching a brand new DC Universe streaming service to allow fans to access films, comics and much more. further details here. (Not like we needed an excuse to rewatch the Christopher Nolan Trilogy again!😁)

We are celebrating it a little bit differently, through art. At AXIV we are all about the art appreciation, in fact, the grizzled style comic book art especially has inspired our artwork for our very own "superhero" the Alexander Ivy Rabbit. So to add to our 5 favourite pieces of Batman fan art we are also releasing some initial artwork for our Tokyo Wonderland Collection.

1. Digital Paint

Credit - Sam Aguilar

2. Batman Portrait

Credit - Tom Velez

3. The Orphan

Credit - Khoa Ho

4. The Cat and The Bat

Credit - Cesar Octavio Celaya

5. Batman 75 Year Tribute

Credit - Robert Bruno

Alexander Ivy X Tokyo Wonderland Collection Artwork

For more on The Tokyo Wonderland collection and where to buy click here