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Top 5 Autumn Fashion Trends

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

OK, we know the seemingly endless summer might not be over yet, but as the air is starting to cool let's start looking towards the next season - Autumn 2018.

Autumn 2018 promises to bring a new batch of fresh ideas and trends from the revival of 90's style to classic British looks. Here are 5 trends we have noticed from the latest runway shows going forward into the new season and also what we have to offer.

1. Vertical slogans

You may have noticed logomania has resurfaced, stuck on how to update it for Autumn 2018? Well, think vertically. Following the retail success of side-striped tracksuits, think Givenchy (pictured), the runways were packed with slogans running down the side of pants and also along the arm.

It’s a simple way and effective way of showing off and representing your favourite brand, and at AXIV we have taken this new trend and implemented it on several of our new back designs on sweatshirts (for the colder days) and tees. Our favourite pick is the Hazy Long Sleeved Tee (pictured). Our new designs are inspired by Tokyo fashion and the hazy aspects of classic novel Alice in Wonderland. We focused on one character in particular, the mysterious white rabbit and our unofficial mascot called Alexander.

Check out our store for a full list of our products.

2. Dropped shoulder tees 

Rapidly becoming a basic for your collection. Drop the shoulder seams on t-shirts for a droopier, more streetwise and edgy look in regular style. Or use heavier weight and create a boxy image that’s very in right now (and a fave for the colder days)

The revival of 90s fashion leads to the resurgence of baggy clothing. Allowing this style to fit right into the autumn mix.

Check out our favourite pick for the drop shoulder tee with the Slick Rick Long Sleeved Top

3. Baseball Caps / Snapbacks

It’s not like caps were even out of fashion, but for Autumn 2018 they’re a big fashion styling item. Check out our new cap collection in the Alexander Ivy Shop

There is one fashion accessory everyone has at one point in their lives found useful to wear: the snapback. At AXIV we released our new snapback collection in a selection of classic colours. Our favourite is the Ash Ketchum style red on red snapback with our signature logo.

Adding a hint of streetstyle to casual wear, something that you can do originally but still in a rather accomplished way if you match colours well in your outfit, such as in a baggy AXIV classic sweat. (pictured)

4. Snood

It seems like a funny name for a piece of clothing, though it is actually very practical and enjoyable to wear. Now becoming a popular fashion accessory especially in polluted areas and cities where you can use the snood to protect your lungs by covering your nose and mouth. It's also effective for flu season creating an extra barrier against germs.

Our black snood is a bit different with a fitted multipurpose style. It can be also used as a hair-band, wrist band or scarf. Finished with our signature logo.


This year pink is the colour you should be opting for. The pink trend for Autumn 2018 is big news regardless of the shade you fancy (millennial pink, pastel pink, hot pink all spotted on the catwalk). The statement colour looks great with greys, creams and navy.

It has been alive and well on the 2018 catwalks of a majority of the big fashion houses and Alexander Ivy has released two pink styles in its latest collection. Our fave pick is the Rascal Rabbit Long Sleeved Top (pictured).

The pink goes well with another trend which has been making headlines recently. I'm talking about layering. Pinks works well as a base colour...


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